As a church/business/ministry/organisation in this hyper-connected, highly distracted social media world, how do you get your message, unique idea, project, or vision on the radar of the people who need to respond? Or how do you continuously engage your existing members online.

This workshop has been designed to equip personnel of ministries with the skills to cut through the clutter, communicate the your message and impact your audience.

After this training, you will be able to amplify your presence on Facebook (& Instagram) to reach a wider audience.

As a church you will increase church membership, expand the church presence, amplify invites to events and embrace more people.

This workshop will be an intensive but highly engaged session to ensure you know exactly what to do next. The workshop outline can be found below.

This session will take place after the workshop (not on the same day). The aim is to guide you to put an action plan together on implementing the lessons from the workshop into your business or organisation. 

With a platform that evolves at eye-popping speed, rolling out new features and algorithm updates on a near daily basis, keeping on top of what works today, is increasingly challenging.

Get the very latest insight and best practice into Facebook marketing by joining our secret group. Suitable for micro businesses, SMEs, not-for-profit right through to leading brands. 

We will be sharing actionable tips, resourc files, new trends  and it will serve as a social media support system for your brand/organisation.

Workshop Programme

  • Artificial Intelligence – the tech that powers the newsfeed
  • Its impact on your reach & engagement
  • The future of newsfeed
  • How to avoid creating content that gets penalised by Facebook
  • How to avoid using “trigger words” that result in subdued reach
  • Ideas for increasing fan numbers (in thousands) without resorting to “Page Like ads”
  • Merging Multiple Pages Into One single page
  • Merits & Demerits of a Facebook page
  • Guided Tour & Understanding Facebook Insights
  • Build an engaged community
  • Using Facebook group to extend the reach of your page
  • Group Management Strategies
  • Building A Content Strategy
  • Introduction to the New Facebook’s “Instant Articles
  • Introduction to Audience Optimization
  • How To Create “Instant Articles” (The future of blogging/Long form content)

How to get the best out of Facebook Events

  • Management, measurement and reporting tools
  • Introduction To Facebook Canvas For Immersive Experience
  • Available Posts/Ad Formats on Facebook & Instagram
  • Using power editor as a content publisher
  • Creating / Publishing / Scheduling All Types of Facebook Posts
  • Setting Up Ads
  • Access To Free and high quality shutter stock image library
  • Delivering Ads On Instagram
  • Audience Profiling
  • Building Audiences
  • Demographic, behaviours and interests
  • Reaching People You Already Know
  • Power of The Facebook Pixel
  • Retargeting People That Have Watched Your Video
  • Building Retargeting list (Video Viewers, website visitors & instant articles Readers)
  1. Free Consultation
  2. Introduction to My Facebook Support Group & What To Expect From The Group


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