This is Lex.

Lex is a social media specialist

Lex works at ASOS

Lex rocks at his job

Lex is resourceful

Lex doesn’t brag

Lex is smart

Want to be Like Lex?

Lex is a social media specialist and has been managing advertising accounts for some of the top clients across multiple countries.

He has been trained by the best and has been honing his skills with the top agencies in the industry. He currently works with ASOS where some of his responsibilities are to educate colleagues, manage campaigns and be the point of contact for social media advertising.

He is passionate to empower personnels of small businesses and organisations to be able maximise there social media presence.

Some of the clients that he has worked with before joining ASOS include Kellogg’s, Pringles, Nokia, Sony Mobile,

Check him out on LinkedIn to say hi 🙂

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